Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Canine Body Language

Continuing with the topic of "how well do you know your dog", we will talk about body language. 
As the dog is a pack animal, it has a certain status or standing in the pack. This order is maintained by means of signs and signals. Observe your dog carefully and notice its posture at different times. Many things can be expressed by the position and movement of your dog's tail. We all know what it means when a dog wags its tail or puts its tail between its legs.

1. a self-confident, dominant animal in the presence of another dog

2. threat

3. trying to impress (tail wags from side to side)

4. unconcerned attitude

5. uncertain threat

6.posture when eating

7. subordinate attitude

8.uncertainty between threat and defense

9. 10. 11.subordinate attitudes in the presence of a dog of superior rank

Whether your dog is a Great Dane or Yorkie, your dog is telling you something. For a great relationship with your canine companion, read your dog's body language.

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